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The Newman Center is raising money to construct a church that will be attached to our current building.

It is a $2.5 million plan divided into 2 phases.

Phase One is concentrated on raising the money needed to build the church itself.  The plan is for a 340 seat and 5,000 square foot church. This is the most important part of our plan as this is where the heart of our worship as Catholics will take place: the Mass. At the moment, our current facility allows us to seat 85 people.  This is too little room to minister to the students.  We need to have a larger space to accommodate the growing student population of UNLV.

Phase Two encompasses the bell tower, plaza, and some of the decorative accessories for the church (a new altar, lectern, statues, etc.).  The plaza will sit in the Brussels Street side of our center and will allow us to have outdoor gatherings when the weather permits. It can also serve as another spot on our grounds for students to study, eat, or hang out.

Our plan for this church has been wholeheartedly approved by Bishop Joseph Pepe of the Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas. With the help of our community and the generosity of our benefactors, our students (both Catholic and non-Catholic alike) will have a sacred place to pray, meditate, and be alone with God. The church and bell tower will serve as symbols that the Church is present on campus and is here to serve students of UNLV.

If you scroll down a little further, we have several photos of a scale model of our new church as well as a promotional video for the Capital Campaign created during the Spring 2015 semester.

Feeling a little generous? You can make donations through our GoFundMe or PayPal account, which are linked in the buttons below.

If you would like further details or more information on our project, please contact our Development Director, Rhoel Ternate, on his office line at (702) 736-0887, his cell phone at (702) 767-4357, or his e-mail at

God Bless and God love you!