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About Leonard Wibberley

Leonard Wibberley was the New York Times best-selling author of the book The Mouse that Roared (Peter Sellers starred in the 1959 film). Mr. Wibberley's works ranged from juvenile fiction to a four-volume biography of Thomas Jefferson. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1915, was an editorial writer for the Los Angeles Times as well as newspapers in Singapore, Trinidad, New York and Washington. He had written over 100 books before he passed away in Santa Monica in 1983. All of his books are now available as e-books from (from his New York Times obituary.)

About the Cast

Fr. Bredder will be read by Fr. Daniel Rolland, OP
Lieutenant Minardi will be read by Joseph Micatrotto, Sr.
Reverend Mother will be read by Barbara King
Mrs. Winter will be read by Minnie Ruelan
Mrs. Cleaton will be read by Salvacion Vargas Edelman
Barbara Minardi will be read by Gretchen Mersch
And featuring Ed Marshall in the roles of Red Wimple, Bill Wedge and a number of small-time crooks

The story will be narrated by Julie Mersch

The reading will be directed by Ruth Pe Palileo of Current Theatrics

The saint maker  staged reading

Book by Leonard Holton

Adapted by Ruth Pe Palileo

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Doors open at 7:00pm

Show begins at 7:30pm

Tickets are a $35 donation and all proceeds go towards the Newman Center's Roof Fund and are tax deductable

Comp. Student tickets are available at the Newman Center Office

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About the Fr. Bredder Mysteries

Under the pseudonym, Leonard Holton, Wibberley wrote 11 mystery novels about Fr. Bredder, a Franciscan detective, which inspired the 1971 television series, Sarge, starring George Kennedy. 

About the novel, The Saint Maker

Meet the lovable Fr. Bredder, an ex-marine, Vietnam-vet-turned-chaplain of a parochial school in 1960s Los Angeles. Novelist Holton paints an atmospheric LA in the best noir tradition but written with the eyes of compassion and often, with gentle humour.  As the novel opens, Fr. Bredder brings a melon to Reverend Mother as a gift but when she opens the bag, she discovers the head of a murdered woman.  When the LAPD are unable to find any leads, Fr. Bredder prayerfully decides he must help solve the murder as a way to minister to the tortured soul who was driven to decapitate the woman known only as Jane Doe 210. As he investigates he meets the poor, the homeless, the elderly, prize fighters, drug dealers, thugs, teenage girls and thieves. In relationship with all of these, Fr. Bredder follows Christ.

"For the first time, he saw the priest in a strange light--a sort of policeman...of God, and the thought astonished him with its aptness. The criminal code and the code of God; he, Minardi, operated from one and the priest from the other, and both worked to the same end, the prevention of evil."
(Lieutenant Minardi, The Saint Maker)